Friday, December 7, 2007

Winter Welcome

While we were in Texas for Thanksgiving enjoying the warm weather (and some cooler weather too) Iowa got it's first snow of the season. But because it is already December the second and third winter storm of the season was close on its heals. Over the weekend we got tons of freezing rain and sleet followed by some snow and then more freezing rain and sleet. To say the least, we stayed home all day on Saturday. Then the next round hit on Thursday. The news said we got four inches of snow and the ice has never melted from the first storm. So, it's a little slippery around here.

Since we stayed in all day on Saturday we were able to get our Christmas tree put up and a few decorations around the house. It really has put me in the Christmas spirit. We put up the tree while Andrew was taking his nap and were just finishing up the final touches around the house when he woke up. Mark went up to get him and when he came down and saw the tree and lights he got the cutest expression on his face and said "OOOhhh see!" It was so cute. I have a few little Christmas toys out for him to play with so that everything is not off limits to touch so he has enjoyed playing with some of the stuff under the tree.
Every morning he comes down stairs to eat breakfast and goes straight over to the tree with a very concerned look on his face and says "off?" Then I go over and plug in the tree and he starts giggling and running around because he is so excited. I really need to get that on video.

So far he has undecorated the bottom of the tree once and broken one ornament...all in less than a week! He will push toys into the tree because then he is not technically touching the tree. It is just so fun to touch and play with. Oh well, I guess that's part of the fun of having a little one at Christmas time.

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James and Christen said...

It is so cool to hear how he is responding the "specialness" of Christmas. I am glad you are teaching him how to act around the tree instead of just not having one. Do you know that many people here don't even put them up because their kids tear them up! Crazy isn't it. I am truly amazed at how little some people here celebrate Christmas.

I loved the pictures of your snow. It is so beautiful and clean. I am glad God used that illustration to show us how clean we are after his blood has washed away our sins.

Have a good weekend. We are really going to the beach this coming Monday - Thursday. James found a really good deal on line. We will share an "apartment" with his parents. It has 2 bedrooms, one bath a kitchen and livingroom (with 3 beds) for a total of $180 for all 3 nights! Merry Christmas. We aren't getting each other any presents. We are just going to the beach.

Love you - Christen
PS try and get to the book, it is really good!