Monday, January 14, 2008

It's Fast Approaching

Delivery day is fast approaching and I am more ready than ever. I am to the point of great discomfort so anytime now would be great. The actual due date is Jan. 24 so I officially have only 10 days left (unless I go over my due date...ugh!).

We have been making all the last minute preparations for Baby Lee to arrive. I finally pulled out the car seat to make sure it was clean and the straps were adjusted to fit the baby. Andrew thinks it is great to sit in the baby's seat. He keeps going up to the car seat and looking in and saying, "Baby!" I keep telling him that the baby will be in there soon. I'm not sure how much he really understands. I also have started getting all the baby's clothes out and washed so we are ready for his arrival. Thanks Christen for all the great winter clothes from Jeremiah! I would be up a creek on clothes if it wasn't for all of his clothes you gave me since Andrew was born in May.
Well, now all we can do is wait and pray that everything goes smoothly. Hopefully I'll go into labor when Mark is home and not at work in Fort Dodge! Hopefully the next post will include pictures of our new baby boy and that it will be sooner than later.


James and Christen said...

I have been praying alot for you and the upcoming delivery. On Saturday I kept praying for him to come but then God reminded me that His timing is perfect.

Hannah is throwing up today so I am having lots of fun cleaning up throw up and sitting on the floor of the bathroom with her.

Love you - Christen

Patty Armitage said...

Laura, Thanks for your new post. We are praying for a quick safe delvery. Andrew's life will be changing here very soon. It will be fun seeing him as the "BIG" brother.

See you all soon!