Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Time to Remember

The day we went into the hospital we got news that my Uncle John had a massive heart attack. It took them an hour to get his heart started again and because of that there was much damage to his brain. He did not show any signs of coming out of a coma so my aunt made the decision to have life support disconnected on Saturday, Feb. 2. Uncle John passed into eternity and is now in the presence of his beloved Savior.

Uncle John lived with a hereditary heart condition for many years that did not allow him to get out much. The same heart conditions took the life of his youngest son David at the age of 21 and my grandmother. His middle son, Ben, is now in Cardiac ICU awaiting a heart transplant.

This godly man loved the Lord with all his heart and had complete faith and trust even in the most trying days. He knew that the Lord has a purpose and plan for everything and he knew that whatever God brought his way he would be able to handle with the help of his Savior.

Their family lived out in Oregon so there were not many times we were all able to get together but our family spent a year out on the East Coast when I was in junior high. During that year we made many memories together and I am so thankful for the time that God allowed.

Among my many memories of Uncle John was his love for the outdoors. He loved to be outside amongst God's creation. He was also one of the most loving and compassionate people you would have ever met. He was willing to do anything for anyone in need.

He will be greatly missed but we can all rejoice that he is now is the presence of His Savior. No more pain, no more tears.

My Uncle Gary, John's brother, wrote the following poem and read it at his graveside service on Feb. 8:

John sat by the fire;
The skillet was hot,
And filled with the trout
That he had just caught.

He then bowed his head,
And got down on his knees
In that outdoor cathedral
Of tall Douglas fir trees.

Lord God I thank you
For creating this scene
Where the river is singing,
And the forest is green.

I thank you for Ethel,
My wonderful wife.
I promise I’ll love her
The rest of my life.

For Timmy and Benjie
And David – My boys.
Lord, help me to teach them
All of life’s joys.

Please give them a life
That’s filled with Your grace;
Daily searching Your Word,
And seeking Your face.

Lord, please let me take
Your Gospel to others;
So when they believe,
They’ll all become brothers.

So on that great day
I won’t stand alone
As we’re singing Your praises
Before your bright Throne.

Today, I saw a big cloud
With the sun shining through,
I watched it with hope-
Hoping it was You!

But then my skillet-
It started to hiss-
Oh - And by the way God-
Thanks for the fish!”

Many years later when
Jesus called John by name;
John entered His presence
Without doubt or shame!

Standing before Christ
On this glorious Day;
Knowing Christ’s Blood
Had washed his sins away!

Falling before his Savior
In Heavenly Glory;
Together reviewing
His familiar life story.

John, you have been faithful;
A good husband and dad;
Sharing My Gospel
Every chance that you had.

A true fisher of men;
Teaching “God’s Word says this” –
Oh – And by the way, John,
Thanks for the fish!

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James and Christen said...

This is a great post and I feel like honors God through Uncle John's life. Thanks for sharing all the details.

Hope you are doing ok. I am sorry we haven't talked for a while.

I love you and are thinking of you.