Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our New House

Since my last post much has happened. I will be doing several posts in the next couple of days in hopes to catch up on all the events that have happened. First of all, in my last post, I talked about a house that we were going to be moving into. Well, we did move but not into that house. There were several things that we needed to get verified before we could sign a lease and move into the house that we had found. I called on Wednesday morning and left a message with all my questions. I then left town to get my mom from the airport in Kansas City as she was coming to help us move. I had not heard back from the people about the house all day so after church I called to find out what was going on. The lady told me that she thought all was going to work out but that the owner would call me first thing in the morning. I didn't hear anything from her in the morning so I called her by 9:30 and left a message. I called her again about an hour later and then again just before lunch. Now don't forget that this is Thursday now and we have to be out of our apartment on Friday. This doesn't give us much time to work with. When Mark came home for lunch on Thursday I updated him on the situation and he tried to call again. We still had not gotten in touch with anyone to answer out questions and verify that this was the house we were going to move in to. So Mark called another contact that we had and asked if that house was still available and it was. Mark told the man we were interested and would like to sign a lease. So Thursday night Mark and I went over to meet the owner of that house and signed a lease. My mom and I started moving in some things that night. We got everything moved successfully with nothing broken. There were several people from church that came and helped and after Mark got off from work there were a couple of guys that came to help as well. One of the guys Mark works with brought his wife and son along to help as well. We had a great group of people to help us and we are so thankful for all that God did to supply our need.

Mark, my mom, and I worked hard over the weekend and on Monday to get our house mostly settled. I am so thankful that we were able to get most of it done so quickly. On Tuesday morning (August 4) my mom, the kids, and I left for Texas.

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