Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"That was NOT fun!"

HE DID IT!!!! On Saturday, October 17, 2009 Mark finished his first marathon in 3:48:09. We are so proud of him.
At about 6:30 a.m. he left our hotel room and headed out into the crisp morning air ready to start his first marathon. It was still dark outside and this picture is from our hotel room 20 stories up. There were thousands of people gathered on the street below (which you can't see because it is still too dark).
My brother met me at our hotel a little after 7:00 a.m. and we set out to go try to find Mark on the course. It was a challenge because we kept getting caught on roads that the runners were on and of course they had all those roads closed to through traffic. So we finally find a spot that we could break through and made some progress in getting ahead of Mark and finding him. The first time we found him was in the middle of mile 16. He still looked like he was doing pretty well, plugging along at a good pace. He even smiled when he saw us on the side of the road.
After seeing him there we headed out to try to see him again and we found him in the middle of mile 20. He was looking pretty tired and ready to be done. Albert yelled that he only had 6 miles to go...ugh! Mark told us later he was very tempted to just go get in the van with us at that point and be done...but he didn't of course and he kept plugging away.
We wanted to make sure we were at the finish line before he got there so we loaded up and headed to the end. We waited around with the many other people cheering on the runners. We were standing right at the finish line so this last picture is him taking his last few strides to the finish!

And if you have ever been to a race you know that after a runner finishes there is a long chute with food, drinks, aid, etc for the runners. So we went to find him again and when we spotted each other the first words out of Mark's mouth were "That was NOT fun!". But if you know Mark you know he is already contemplating whether or not to run another marathon. James, he said he would run one with you. =)

Congratulations honey on a great run! We are proud of you! (and thankful it's over)


James and Christen said...

We are proud of the MACHINE too. Loved the pictures! Tell Mark that if he would prefer a 1/2 James would be open to that. Disney 2012!!!!

mamamia said...

way to go!