Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Beauty

I have a friend who always takes her daughter's picture in her wedding dress on her birthday. Now her little girl is 4 and it is something that she looks forward to every year. I have always thought it was such a cute idea and have wished I had a little girl to do it with too. Well, God finally blessed us with a girl and she just had her birthday. I forgot to take the picture on her actual birthday but ran across my dress while I was packing today so I pulled it out and put it on Abigail. Hopefully it will be something she looks forward too as she gets older too.
{Hope you don't care that I stole your idea, Mary.}


Keith and Tamre said...

Did you see her blog from this year?? Mary herself was wearing the dress. Happy moving!!! You should be a pro at moving by now for which I'm very sorry. I trust you'll enjoy your new home. Did you buy this time or just renting??

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Cant believe shes already a year:)~Jen