Saturday, October 1, 2011

Recent Fun

My family all came to visit in mid-September so we could celebrate my nephew's birthday together. We had a great time together even with 14 people living in our house for a couple of night. While they were here we did a couple of fun outings to make the most of our time together. The first place we went was to Mud Island. I had not yet visited Mud Island but now that I have I think it will be a place we go frequently...especially since it can be done for free.

Mud Island is a park that has a scale model of the lower Mississippi River. It was so fun to read facts about the Mississippi River as the kids had a blast playing in the water. If you are ever in the Memphis area it really is a great place to visit...let us know and we'll join you! =)

We also went to the zoo. We enjoyed a gorgeous day with perfect weather. Right now our zoo has a Birds and Bees exhibit and inside the bird part of it they sell these little sticks with bird seed on it and the birds will come and perch on your stick while you hold it. All the kids loved having the experience of looking at the birds so close.

We were so glad to be able to spend some more quality time together. We are truly cherishing these moments of being together.

September has over all been a busy month. Mark has been very busy with work...long hours and even some Saturday hours. I started attending a Bible study on Thursday morning and am thoroughly enjoying that study. I have also been working for the PTO at Andrew's school and keeping up with Andrew's homework, soccer practice, soccer games, cooking, cleaning, laundry...etc. Andrew has been doing great in school. I have been very impressed with what he is learning and am very proud of how he is doing. He is also enjoying soccer and made his first goal in his soccer game this morning. Josiah has found his ornery streak and keeps himself busy picking on Abigail as much as possible. He has also been fighting a cough this week and was down with a fever for a day. Abigail is a girl...what more can I say? She fights with her brothers and demands her way every moment of the day, screaming at the top of her lungs if someone crosses her in some way she does not approve. But I think we'll keep her anyway! =) She really is growing up very quickly and keeps up with her brothers in every way. She has the greatest facial expresses and you can always tell what is on her mind because it is written plain as day on her face. I am also proud to announce...for the first time in five years we are out of diapers!!! Abigail is doing splendidly well and does not even where a pull up at bed time anymore. She has been dry even at night time for more than a month.

Well...that's the latest on the Lees!

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