Friday, February 3, 2012

A last visit

James, Christen, Hannah, and Jer came for one last visit before they leave to go back to Brazil. We are so thankful for these last few moments we've had to be together again before they leave. 

We enjoyed some sister time...thanks James for watching the kids so we could go out for lunch one day and do a little shopping! =)

The kids loved having friends to play with
 One morning we went to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather God gave us
And had fun sliding!

and swinging

and playing 

Uncle James was teasing Josiah and Abigail and acting like he was going to throw them in the lake...they loved it!

and we tried to get a closer look at all the turtles sun bathing on a log in the water but as we approached "quietly" they all jumped back in the water (there is nothing quiet about 5 kids walking through the woods)

We greatly enjoyed these last moments together. We have been so blessed with all the time we have been able to spend with them while they were on furlough. As hard as it is to say goodbye again for another 4 years we again are so thankful for their faithfulness and willingness to follow the call of God and go to this place that is starving spiritually so they can share the Gospel with the lost people of Brazil. God has blessed their ministry there and we are excited to see what He has in store for them as they return. I am thankful for modern technology that helps to bridge the distance and allows us to not just talk on the phone but see each other through Skype. I am so thankful for the time our kids have been able to spend together. When they left in June of 2007 we only had Andrew and Jer was a tiny baby. Now all 6 of our kids know each other well and have good memories of spending time together.

Please pray for James and Christen as they make their final arrangements to return to Brazil next week. Also pray for them as they travel that they will have safety and they will make all their connecting flights. 

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James and Christen said...

Great blog! We love you guys and will miss you so much. Praying for you all - esp. A.