Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Field Trip

About a month ago Andrew came home with a note that the Kindergartners were going bowling. One of the rules of the school is to not allow siblings to come along if the parents are coming as a chaperon. Much to Andrew's dismay (insert many tears and much whining)  I told Andrew I would not be able to come because I don't have anyone to watch the little ones for me. But my mother's heart wanted so badly to go so I could enjoy this moment my boy wanted to share with his mamma! We all know that the days of a boy wanting his mommy around are numbered so I really want to take advantage of those as much as possible. So what am I to do? I wrote a note to the teacher asking permission to attend not as a chaperon but merely to observe and she said YES!!! 

The day finally arrived last Friday and to say Andrew was ecstatic is a vast understatement! Before I put him on the bus that morning he asked me if I could look pretty when I went bowling with him. I asked if I looked pretty and his reply was, "Mommy, can you put your hair up?" Well...of course I can! =) So I put on some nice clothes, my makeup , and put my hair up and away we went to the bowling alley. 

I walked through the door and set out to find Andrew's class. Much to my surprise (NOT!) the needed my help!?! So I stayed with Andrew's little group of 5 boys and helped out. Meanwhile my other 2 were perfect angels! We had so much fun and one of the little boys even let Josiah take one of his turns for him. Andrew did great. His first game he bowled a 102 (with bumpers of course) and they didn't get all the way through their second game before it was time to go but in the eighth frame his had 85 points. 

Here a a few pictures from the morning of bowling...unfortunately I didn't get one of me looking pretty but you'll just have to take Andrew's word for it. =) 

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James and Christen said...

That is so cute, his wanting you to put your hair up! :) I am so glad you got to go. Thanks for posting.