Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 4th Activities

I know I'm a little late getting out my July 4th post but I guess it's better late than never. =)

We started our middle of the week holiday with a much needed date night. Mark got off work early so we headed out for an early dinner date with some friends at Texas de Brazil. We got downtown a little before the restaurant opened and as we were walking through the parking garage I realized that the famous Peabody Hotel would be doing their evening duck walk in just a few minutes and Mark has never seen it. So we decided to head to the lobby of the hotel to watch the ducks. After the ducks we headed across the parking lot to the restaurant. It was so good and we greatly enjoyed some time with friends we hadn't seen in a couple of months. A date night was a wonderful way to start the holiday. 

The morning of the fourth we just hung around the house. Then we grilled out for lunch and headed to the pool. After naps we set out to watch the fireworks and enjoy some more family time together. 

All set up to watch the fireworks but ended up having to move because a row of trees was blocking our view. Thankfully someone told us that before they started and told us where to go. We had never watched the fireworks here before so we didn't know where they would be.

Someone gave the boys each a glow stick

They both had a blast running around and playing

I asked Andrew to take a picture of Abigail and me but the flash was so bright I couldn't get Abigail to uncover her eyes. It ended up being such a cute picture anyway.
We enjoyed our time together and it was such a fun break in the middle of the week. I was confused about what day it was for the rest of the week since Wednesday felt like Saturday. Oh well...I'll take 2 Saturdays in a week.

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