Monday, August 6, 2012

First Day of First Grade

Today is the first day of first grade! I can't believe I already have a first grader. Andrew was so excited about starting school. Last weekend we went and bought all his school supplies and that got him all excited about starting back to school. Last week I went to parent orientation and then the next day took him to meet the teacher. I really like his teacher this year and think he is going to have a great year.

Last night Andrew helped me make his lunch, pick out his clothes, and get his backpack all ready for the morning. He couldn't wait to go to bed and we didn't have any of our normal playtime after lights out that we usually have to deal with. Andrew couldn't wait to go to bed so he could get up for school.

This morning he was up and dressed before I went in to get him up. He ate breakfast, brushed his teeth, and got his shoes on with plenty of time to spare. He couldn't wait to get out the door.

I finally told him it was time to go out and wait for the bus and he was very excited.

I tried to get him to let me take him to school this morning but he was too excited about riding the bus so I let him go. He already knows where his class is and all his school supplies are there so there wasn't really a need for mommy to go to the school this morning. My baby boy is growing up and becoming very independent. We are so proud of the boy he is growing up to be!

Andrew keep loving Jesus and growing into a man who desires to do right. You are a leader that has so much potential to be used greatly by God. We pray for you daily to grow in your relationship with God and that you will desire to glorify Him with your life.

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James and Christen said...

You guys are doing a great job of parenting your kids. Thanks for your godly example of training them and then trusting them in His hands. He looks bigger, for sure!