Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Giving God the day

Two weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to go to the True Woman '12 conference in Indianapolis. I was so challenged and revived after my time spent studying the Word with about 8,300 other women. The one thing I was challenged with the most was my prayer life. God has really been working on me for a while regarding my prayer life and when my mom arrived at my house so we could drive to IN together she asked me if I had listened to Nancy Leigh DeMoss that day. I had not had time that day to listen but my mom told me she was starting a series on prayer. So the next afternoon when we started our drive up north we decided to listen to the program from the day before and then the one for that day. God used those two messages to get my heart prepared to be challenged further when I arrived at the conference.

I have this head knowledge that prayer is powerful. I have seen it work in many circumstances in my life and in the lives of others. So why don't I take advantage of great resource God has given us? We can go straight to the throne room and talk to our Father. What a privilege!

So as I was processing all that I had learned and been challenged with at the conference I decided that prayer was going to be the number one thing I was going to take on when I returned home. I was going to get up in the morning and spend an intentional time in prayer for my family and giving God my day. Now I am NOT a morning person. I do not enjoy mornings and would much rather sleep until 10:00 every morning than to get up and do anything. (I haven't slept to 10:00 in MANY years and don't think it even possible now that I have a child (or 3) that get up every morning at 6:30 no matter the day.) But I do realize that need to pray about what God wants me to do each day and to pray for my family. Now when my alarm goes off in the morning at 6:00 I try hard to roll myself out of bed so I can pray. I have been successful at actually getting out of bed a handful of times. But the mornings I don't actually get out of bed I still have been able to have a decent prayer time while still in bed. Now I know that's not the best since I am also fighting sleep while still in bed but even those few moments of pray I do get in while fighting sleep have been so refreshing.

So this morning when we headed out for our morning walk with our neighbor and we were about a tenth of a mile into our 2 mile walk and Josiah wipes out on his scooter and busts his chin open...I knew immediately that God already knew today was going to include an unexpected trip to the doctors office (no stitches even though I'm still convinced he probably needs one or two). God already knew that my wonderful neighbor friend was going to ask to take Abigail to Chick-Fil-A with her so I could go to the doctor without her. And God already knew that I was going to get to meet some other mom's that are a part of our school when I went to Chick-Fil-A to get Abigail after taking Josiah to the doctor. God already knew that they would invite me to join them in their monthly get together's at Chick-Fil-A and God already knows whether or not He will give me the opportunity to build relationships with these ladies and tell them the love of Christ.

None of that was in my plan for today but since I took the time this morning to pray and ask God to show me what HIS plans for my day would include I can assume that this was His plan and He can see the future and He already knows what good is going to come of Josiah's busted chin.

Do you spend time with God each morning and give Him your day? Asking Him to guide you and show you what He has planned? Or do you do what I usually do and roll out of bed, hit the floor running because YOU have so many plans for today?

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James and Christen said...

thanks for sharing. it is so cool to see how God has been preparing your heart for whatever. :) The chin looks bad but I would say from my chin experience that the butterfly bandages work just like stitches for wounds like these. I have became an expert with them when my kids were 3-5:) Hope he is feeling ok tonight.
Love you - Christen