Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Crazy Month

I don't really know what happened to February. At the beginning of the month I made a doctor appointment to discuss all my options for a problem I've been dealing with for the last year. After talking to her and spending the weekend praying about what needed to be done I scheduled to have surgery on March 8.

I spent the next week setting out to see how many things I could get done before March 8. I got our taxes filed (huge relief to not have to think about that anymore). Then we found out that Mark's grandmother passed away. So I worked hard that week to get ready for an unexpected trip to Iowa. It was good to get away and to see everyone as we remembered Mark's grandma and spent some time with the family. When we got home I started working on things around here again. Making plans to get some help as I recover and trying to get everything together and planning a baby shower I was in charge of Feb. 24.

Friday I went for my pre-op visit and was surprised at all I had to do. The plan was to spend a good amount of time Saturday cleaning the house really well one more time before everything. Much to my dismay my almost brand new vacuum wasn't working and I had to take it in for repair. The repair man told me it could take 10 days to get parts. =( Sorry mom I won't have clean carpet for you when you get here since they are already a mess and I now have no way of cleaning them. I also found out at my appointment Friday I was going to have to do a cleanse on Thursday in preparation for surgery so while I was out dropping off my vacuum I ran to the store and got all the stuff I would need for that. I felt like I got a good amount done Saturday thanks to the help of my wonderful husband but then Andrew got sick early Sunday morning and that added a whole bunch more laundry to the pile. Thankfully I think he is feeling better this afternoon and I'm hoping he doesn't get sick anymore tonight so he can go to school tomorrow (it will be a full 24 hours at 6:30 a.m.).

This week I'm planning to hopefully finish up my cleaning (except vacuuming) and then my mom arrives on Wednesday night just in time for all the "fun" to begin! I probably won't get everything done I had intended to get done but life will go on.

If you think about me this week please pray for me Friday as I undergo surgery. I am nervous and a little scared and very ready to be on the other side of all this anticipation of it. But I am also trusting that God is in control and He has given me peace.

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